Couponing 101: – Smarter way to save money

Today, in this fast pace life, everyone is looking to save time and money while improving their shopping experience. Imagine the situation when you save on every purchase you make. Do you think it’s possible?

Yes, this article will help you to learn the right way to become a Strategic Shopper and be able to save anywhere you shop.

There are different types of coupons like Manufacturer coupons (sent directly from the manufacturer), Store coupons (comes from stores itself), Internet Printable coupons (from any of the aforesaid category), Peelies (sticker coupon on the product itself, from the manufacturer), Catalina (issued at the register and are triggered by your purchase), Blinkies (usually found in red smart source boxes in the middle of aisles at your local grocery store), Tearpads ( located on store display or shelves).

With the rise of internet couponing, fake coupons are on the rise as well. Hence when you get the coupon, you must check the source, whether it’s from manufacturer or from friend by an email? It should always come straight from the company or the store. If the coupon has misspelling, then it’s likely a fake coupon.

If you become a EXTREME COUPONER then you can save an extreme amount of money by using legitimate couponing methods.

The first step to extreme couponing is finding coupons. You can easily find the coupons from the couponing company, sales fliers, etc. in the newspaper inserts. You can sign up for store emails so that you can get the electronic copy of their sales fliers in your inbox. You can regularly check the reputed couponing websites for deals and always pay attention to the coupons on store shelves next to your favorite products. Be sure to try out searching for coupons locally by zip code and signing up for their weekly newsletter. Browse the website by store, category, and search for codes providing money off, percent off, or free shipping coupons on your online purchases. The website lists everything out plainly, providing the code, a short description of the offer, and the expiration date.

Now when you have coupons, the next step is to use them. First of all, you must organise them for easy access for usage. You can also write the list of your current coupons on the excel spreadsheet. Try to purchase in bulk, under the terms of the deal. Combine the manufacturer coupons and the store coupons to get more money off your purchase. Try to be open to various brands.

Happy Saving